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Cavalière en habits historiques et son cheval Isabelle

Welcome to Le Domaine des Écuyers, we are ready to greet you to share the passion of horses and History !

During the whole year, we propose horse boarding, we provide riding lessons, courses and training courses for equestrian show, along with a groom training course. We also organise rides and treks outside and we accommodate horses and riders alike for the night.

Every year from may to october, you can also find us during our reenacment shows that we present trought entire Europe. Our knights travels even in the whole world to joust at the biggest international tournaments ! For more informations, go to Shows.

We also propose Equicoaching sessions, which are accessibles for everyone, horse-riders or not. We invite you to discover this atypical approach of the horses that can be useful in a lot of fields.


We want our structure as a house of excellence : the environment is entirely dedicated for the well-being and comfort of the horse and the rider, in a warm and convivial atmosphere.


Our philosophy : the respect and the listening of the horses.

The lessons are provided by Émeline Macret, and our teaching is based on the principles of the great masters of the classical French and Spanish horsemanship, like Nuno Oliveira or François Robichon de la Guérinière. For the most part, our horses are Iberians, and perfectly fit to your level, novice or experienced rider.


Contact us if you want to know more about us, to meet our team… and our horses ! 

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