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Émeline Macret

            Rider since I am 8 years old, I decided to enter the Republican Guard at the age of 12. At this period, the minimum height for women was of 1,70m, so I reoriented towards the land army.

After studies around the equestrian world, I entered into the service of the army as horse groom, specialised for young horses in the Sports Centre of Military Equitation of Fontainebleau, and at the same time I competed in eventing trials with my mare. After 3 years at the young horses platoon, I went into BPJEPS training course (diploma for activity leaders, monitors and sports instructors), and then I teached equitation in diverse Île-de-France stables.

In 2010, I meet the horseman who opened my mind to a most respectful riding, based on the perception, Bernard Sachsé. In 2012, I opened le Domaine des Écuyers with Michael Sadde, who passed on his passion of the traditional French military horsemanship to me, and trained me to the manipulation of historical weapons on horseback. That same year, I discovered side saddle riding, and in 2016, I winned the European championship of historical side saddle riding.

Today, riders from all Europe to take lessons at le Domaine des Écuyers, especially for my specialisation in historical equitation and side saddle riding.


      Loving horses at a very early age, their well-being is a priority for me, at work or for their living conditions, and for the respect of their personality : each horse has its own and I am careful to let them free to express as they like, even more as I always prefered strong-tempered horses.  With each horse I have a unique relationship which brings me something different. But at heart I have a secret, Kerleos is my favourite but shh, dont’ tell anything.

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