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What is the Equicoaching ?

The equicoaching consists in use the link between the humans and horses, and the horses’ ability to react to the humans’ body language, to make them conscious of themselves and of what they unconsciously do. This practice enables us to improve on many things, personally or professionally. To improve our way to communicate with others, increase our self-confidence, learn to handle different behaviors or situations… The equicoaching gives the possibility of improve as a Human Being, and as a professional. It is a practical approach which may be used alone or in addition to a traditional coaching.


Émeline Macret and Quentin Laurent (professional coach fully qualified) are into partnership to propose an original equicoaching service, individually or with groups, privately or for companies. 

Cavalière pratiquant l'équicoaching avec un cheval

Benefits of the horse on the human

Horses can make possible to you facing yourself, because they are the mirror of our emotions : they make them appear as well as your personality, your fears, your strengths and weaknesses. Horses don’t express judgment, they express according to your body language and your intentions. You cannot lie to a horse. Very sensitives, they know all about you as you approach and adapt to each person. They know how to reveal by their behavior, each one of your thoughts and intentions, and help you to bring forward your unconscious perception. Horses live in community, they interact with the others naturally and without filter, unlike humans who always have to conform to codes. This is why they are able to make you work on your way to communicate, to improve your relationships, both personal and professional. 

Cheval en séance d'équi-coaching

Field of work

The equicoaching fits to everybody, rider or not, and is useful in plenty of areas. Horses enable, individually or with groups :

- To go outside of comfort zone and manage easily new situations

- Self-examination for personal development

- To develop self-confidence

- To improve the team spirit

- To handle stress

- More harmonious communication and relationships


"A striking experience and a metamorphosis."

I discovered the equicoaching by chance and I came out transformed. This duo I formed during a few hours with the horse revealed out of me, abilities and competences I had never suspected. Thanks to this I found the strength to break away my barriers to evolve personally and professionally. The horse doesn’t cheat and is a mirror for you, you have no more to do but observe ! This adventure took place in a in a really professional setting, and it was comforting because the guidance is tailor-made and very attentive. Follow Quentin and Émeline, and above all follow their horses.

Cheval noir sentant une main tendue durant une séance d'équi-coaching
Cheval noir qui se cabre

Advantages of our structure

Our horses have very different personalities, so we are able to make you work with the horse which fits best with your goals.

We have the facilities for work by all weather conditions.

We can use a comfortable meeting room, equipped with a video projector.

To know more about the course we propose and other types of coaching, you can refer to the website of Quentin Laurent.

Tête de cheval gris sur fond noir

Our meeting room :

A few pictures of Equicoaching sessions :

An Equicoaching session in video :

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