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Horse boarding


   At Le Domaine des Écuyers, we take care of your horse in the same way as the ours. The well-being of your equine friend is our priority, the comfort as well as the care. The horses in boarding are under constant and attentive watching, because the team lives at the place of the structure.

Field boarding

Give to your horse the best lifestyle for its basic needs. Your horse lives in the open air with the other horses in a great freedom, in a vast meadow just next to the stables. This option is economical and fits perfectly with the horses which don’t accept to live in a box. With water as much as it wants, and hay when there is not enough grass, your horse lacks nothing.

Rate: 135€/month

Box and paddock boarding

Your horse has a serene night in its box and goes out to the paddock in the day. This is the best option if you work regularly with your horse or for more delicate animals. This boarding option includes barley and diet supplements feeding twice in a day and hay once in a day (according to your horse’s needs).

The straw can be replaced by wood shaving (in addition). 

Rate : 340€/month

Field/box boarding

The option is the best compromise between life in the open air in a herd at summertime and a warm box comfort at winter. Your horse is in box from November until Marsh, and it lives in the fields when the warmer weather returns. 

Rate : 225€/month

Working boarding

This is the same accomodation than for the box and paddock option, but in addition your horse is worked by Émeline Macret the frequency you wish. Breaking in, building up or additional training, we adapt to each horse to make it improving according to your aims.

Rate : Starting from 450€/month


Riding lessons

Fully qualified, dressage rider and passionate side saddle rider, Émeline Macret guides you individually to improve your technique and develop your sense.

Abandon the technique and ride with your heart"

All over the year we welcome riders of every levels for individual riding lessons and home-based lessons are possible if you can’t move your horse. From the novice to the expert rider, with your own horse or with one of ours, we put our professional skills and our expertise at your service to make you discover or improve at your pace on horseback.

The lessons are provided by Émeline Macret and are based on the respect and listening between the rider and the mount. Relaxation, muscular harmony, keenness of the aids, are major bases of our teaching. Your improving is real and fitting to your wishes. 

Courses proposed :

Classical riding

Side saddle riding

Working equitation

Unmounted work (lunging, long reins, free work...)

Manipulation of historical weapons

Rates :

Individual session of 1 hour with our horses : Starting from 30€

Individual session of 1 hour with your horse : 20€

Ticket for 10 sessions : 270€

We don't provide weekly group lessons.

If you want more informations or to register, contact us !



Courses & Equestrian show training

Abandon the technique and ride with your heart"

We welcome regularly riders of all levels, with their own horse or one of ours, for riding courses.

You wish to evolve towards haute école with your horse, perfect certain dressage figures, discover side saddle riding, learn the manipulation of historical weapons, or simply learn to ride serenely ? The course is what you need !

We greet a maximum of 4 riders to guarantee a personalised teaching.

You can choose a course of one or several days, a week-end, a week… Or you can take a true equestrian show training course on several weeks.


You can see our schedule where the already programmed courses are copied, or contact us.

Rates :

Classical riding course :

1 day 100€

2 days 190€

Side saddle/equestrian show course :

1 day 130€

2 days 250€

Autre type de stage :

Nous contacter

For another type of course or another duration, or if you want an equestrian show training course :

Contact us

Témoignage :

Emeline je tenais à te remercier pour ton accueil, ta bienveillance, ton professionnalisme, ton amour du cheval, ta passion et j'en passe...

Je ne me suis jamais offert de stage comme ça.

J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir, de remise en question positive, une envie de continuer...

Maxime, cavalier professionnel et enseignant d'équitation

Pour plus de témoignages, rendez-vous dans notre livre d'or


Rides, treks & bedroom for the night

All over the year we propose rides outside of 1 or several hours, and each summer we organise treks of a half-day, 1 day of 2 days, for the riders of our structure and for other riders. This is a good occasion to (re)discover the treasures of the Mayenne countryside, so rich of History and heritage. We also greet the riders and their horses in our equestrian domain for the night.

Rates :

Rides : 25€ for an hour

Trek of a half-day : 50€

Trek of 1 day : 90€

Other : contact us

Box and bedroom for the night : 50€

Formation groom

Groom training course

We propose a training course for the profession of Groom, managed by Émeline Macret and Charline Baraton (international groom). During 4 months, you learn the essential practices of the groom profession, and then you acquire professional experience in the field during 2 months in different environments.

Training content :


Horse care

  • Grooming

  • Shearing

  • Massage

  • Recovery

  • Work preparation

  • Veterinary care



  • Feeding​

  • Biomechanics

  • Doping

  • International phytosanitaire norms

  • Logistical management


Unmounted work

  • Presentation of a horse in-hand

  • Presentation of a horse free

  • Lunging and long reins work

  • Presentation of a foal for sale

Maintenance of the stables and material

  • Cleaning and desinfection of the boxes

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the leathers

  • Organisation of the stables' material

  • Management of the phytosanitaire products

You can get the CAPTAV(certificate for living animals transportation), the driving licences for trailers between 750 kg and 3500 kg, and for heavy goods vehicles (in addition). We propose 2 sessions each year with a maximum of  2 persons per session. To know the dates, please contact us.

Prerequisites :

- Driving licence

- Theoretical knowledge of horses

Rate :

400 €/month

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